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Smart Film and Glass in Montreal

ElectroVerre is Montreal’s complete solution provider for Electrochromic “Smart Film” and glass. Since 2008, we’ve proudly served the Greater Montreal area completing more than 1200 window film installations for clients, designers, architects and the design/build industry.  Our flagship switchable privacy Smart Film and glass are perfectly fabricated for commercial and high-end residential application – a one-of-a-kind solution that instantly transforms from transparent to opaque on command. Our work speaks for itself, we take great pride in what we do and are meticulous in our process. Let us help you to achieve a stunning professional result without compromise.



We give you the flexibility to bring dynamic privacy where and when you need it most – all on your own terms. Whether you’re seeking residential or commercial smart film/glass installation, we work with you from assessment and planning to final installation. 

Application for residential, include glass wall dividers, mezzanines, doors, windows, en-suite bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces (balcony, terrace). Businesses and retail: meeting rooms, executive offices, human resources, change rooms and almost any glass wall both interior and exterior.

There are limitless applications for our revolutionary technology.


As an architect, designer or builder, your skills and talent are everything – it’s what makes you unique. Specifying switchable Smart Film or glass gives new options in usage of space, adds panache and an ultra-modern, new feeling to any environment. Our Smart Film can be retrofitted to any glass surface creating a visual and privacy revolution. Smart Glass can be specified at the design/build stage. Take your projects and client satisfaction to the next level.

This is your opportunity to stand out and give your clients an aesthetic edge that not only looks great but gives amazing levels of privacy. Glass has become a universal component of modern buildings, becoming bigger and more frequent in scale. Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of privacy.

With the adoption of ElectroVerre Smart Film into your existing product / services suite, you’ll be able to give your clients a stunning option to enhance their indoor and outdoor spaces. More that that, you’ll be able to blow your clients away with one single demo.

For existing projects, Smart Film is a retrofit solution. Plug-and-play technology meticulously applied to glass walls, windows, doors, and partitions of almost any dimension. We also can provide ready made Smart Glass solutions for projects under construction. Efficient solutions in weeks not months.


Privacy on. Privacy off. You decide when.

Home or office, your space matters – a lot. It plays a critical role in how you feel and perform throughout the day and the impression it makes on your guests. For both corporate / creative offices and high-end residences, creating a welcoming and secure space is what impresses clients / guests, keeps confidential information private, and families feeling safe. 

Whatever your environment requires, ElectroVerre Smart Film and Glass will revolutionize any space and bring it to life. From the moment you hit the ON switch, you’ll be instantly taken away by the utter magnificence of it all.

Turn your static glass walls, doors, and partitions into a multi-functional

masterpiece that leave those that enter its presence in absolute awe.



In today’s world, privacy is everything. With the touch of a button on your smartphone, wireless controller, or smart enabled home, instantly switch the appearance of your glass to one that makes you feel secure – all on your own terms.


Blow your guests away and make them question everything they think they knew about glass when they see your new Smart Film in action. A sleek design that turns any room or office from exterior visibility to 100% privacy, giving you complete control over the atmosphere that you want.


Maintaining a clean and germ-free glass has never been easier. Simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and you’re done.


Achieve indoor privacy using minimal power. Smart film operates on pennies per day.


Unlike traditional blinds, curtains, and drapes that accumulate germs, dust, and bacteria, our Smart Film ensures your environment is always free of them – keeping allergies away and your health happy.


Studies have shown UV rays can be extremely damaging to skin – promoting inflammation, premature ageing, and cancer growth. Ensure you’re protected with smart glass technology that blocks 90% of UV rays.


Strengthen your glass by 800% with a robust shield that minimizes accidents and any potential intruders from breaking in.


Your health is a top priority. By removing excessive dust, bacteria, and harmful UV rays, you can live and work at your greatest potential.


Behind the aesthetically pleasing Smart Film is a truly innovative technology and design. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering that’s been leaving those who experience it for the first time in absolute awe. 

For those that want to give their business prestige or their home a luxurious appeal while ensuring privacy, this was designed for you. It is a monolithic spectacle that’s unlike anything from this modern era. Here’s a little bit of how the technology works.

Also known as electrochromic film, switch glass, or smart tint, ElectroVerre “Smart Film” is customizable to any existing window, door, or glass wall dimensions. Upon initial consultation, we’ll provide an on-site survey where we’ll measure your space and go through all the necessary measurements and plans. Smart Film can be controlled by a smart phone, wireless remote, light switch or home/office automation including Alexa and Google Assistant.

When the power is switched to ON, small liquid crystal molecules become aligned as light passes through the Smart Film (transparent setting). When the power is switched to OFF, the small liquid light crystals are dispersed throughout Smart Film, providing a “frosted” appearance.  

Schedule a demo with our team today and see it for yourself.


Ensure your sensitive data is secure in any meeting or conference room with Cloaking Film from ElectroVerre. This revolutionary product solves the problem of screen data privacy without the need for obtrusive frosted glass.

When applied to a glass wall or window, it blacks out the contents of large video displays to those outside the room. The rest of the room looks normal and unchanged. Outsiders can still see in, but everyone inside can collaborate freely without worrying about their sensitive content being exposed.

It’s a revolutionary solution that’s versatile across all office settings – big or small. Now, you can still maintain your confidentiality while staying transparent. It’s the perfect balance between privacy and openness, wherever you need it.


ElectroVerre has served Montreal since 2008. Our portfolio for film installation is substantial having done over 1200 installations in the last 14 years. We’ve highlighted a few below as well as describing the problem we solved.

Mezzanine Bathroom:  Completed in the summer of 2022 this was a smart film retrofit with some big challenges. This home was designed with an all glass master bathroom overlooking the kitchen and outdoor deck. Truly stunning, with a significant problem. The owner was unable to use their facilities or shower if anyone was in their home.  Our challenge was considerable as we not only needed to install this 14 feet off the ground, but had to fabricate a platform as standard scaffolding was not possible.

As you can see in the video, the result was stunning. Now our client can enjoy their home irrespective of guests being present.

Meeting Rooms: Our client constructed new corporate offices during the pandemic. As people have returned to the office meeting rooms have become an integral part of the business environment. The increased use of technology has created a problem which needed to be solved. How do you keep an open appearance to meeting rooms while keeping confidential information private from those outside of the meeting.  The installation of cloaking film was a better solution than frosted glass or conventional window film.

Our client can now conduct meetings with complete data security and still see in and out of the room without compromise.

Executive Office:  New offices were constructed and with the return of employees to the work space it was crucial for the upper management to have privacy when required. No one wants to live in a frosted box so conventional decorative window film wasn’t an option. Conventional window coverings are archaic, require constant cleaning and care as well as taking away from the aesthetic which was well designed.

The client wanted as much light and a clear view of the exterior but needed maximum privacy when necessary. We provided a complete solution and as you can see, the result is spectacular.

Outdoor Glass Wall: Like many new condominiums in Montreal today, there are amenities on the roof of the building. The common space is readily available to all residents of the building. Our client was unhappy with the fact that his luxury condominium with a large private deck area was viewable by anyone.  His neighbors did conventional window frosting, but that came with the negative of disturbing his view of the downtown area. The best solution was Smart Film from ElectroVerre

A very challenging installation, the majority of it was done from 4-6am on multiple days, weather permitting as dust contamination is a constant issue that can only be stopped when there is very little wind.

The result is both functional and a technological marvel. We were able to weatherproof the install, it’s already been functioning 1 1/2 years including winter, without fail.


Servicing clients in the greater Montreal area is our strength and Smart Film is our specialty. As a complete solutions provider for window film for the last 14 years, we’ve been helping businesses, designers, architects, builders, as well as home and condo owners achieve privacy that’s both convenient and visually stunning. Our standards are relentless and we’re always striving to improve our craft along the pursuit to perfection. 

Our focus is strictly on quality, convenience, communication, and providing the best customer service experience possible. If it’s after hours or weekends you need us for – we’ll be there.  

Located in Montreal, we are always available when you need us, and can deliver on-site solutions and installations in a timely and professional fashion. The result? Results that our customers can be proud of. 

This philosophy has continued to serve us well, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.


That is the ElectroVerre difference.


Ready to bring a revolutionary innovation to your interior residential or commercial space? One that protects your privacy with elegance and convenience – for years to come?

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